Seaford Community Partnership

Improving Seaford for the Community

The partnership is currently promoting improvements to the Groyne at Splash Point. The Groyne's main purpose is to act as a barrier to longshore drift as part of the sea defences protecting Seaford as a result of the beach replenishment scheme undertaken in 1986 by the Environment Agency. The scheme has been a success as a sea defence albeit, in the view of some residents, with some detriment to the amenity value of the beach.  One of the partnership's aims is to contribute to the Regeneration Strategy for Seaford by encouraging residents and visitors to visit more often the seafront and the town centre and as such is seeking to organise improvements to the Groyne by improving physical access for users, upgrading the fencing and seating all with due regard to health and safety considerations.  Although final designs have yet to be agreed, the mock up below shows the sort of improvements that we hope to achieve.




A step by step approach is envisaged:

1 - Providing a ramped access with associated safety fencing;

2 - Extending and improving the existing fencing, with improved panels to prevent the risk of people, particularly the young from slipping under the horizontal tubular bars. Design for the panels will be sought from commercial artists suppliers as well as from the public. 

3 - Providing seats with artistic and aestethic merit. The Town Council has a waiting list for commerative seating and negotiations are in hand to establish if sponsorship from the list is possible. 

It may be possible to arrange for a design competition for both the fence panels and seating.  We are in discussions with Local Environment Agency staff to co-ordinate the replacement of the current posts and rails and construction of the ramp with other aspects of the project. It may be possible to seek commemorative sponsorship for the panels thereby achieving additional capital funding.

We have also identified initial funding of about £7,500 from existing SCP resources enhanced by funds held by Lewes DC as LDC as part of the Zero Heroes scheme. 

Success of the scheme will depend on involvement with other organisations as well as the Town and District Councils and the Enviroment Agency along with the Impact Seaford group.


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